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Tubular Traction Batteries
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Tubular Traction Batteries


UNIK traction batteries are designed keeping the customer’s requirements in mind. They are usually supplied in wet charged condition so that the customer can use them immediately on receipt.

They are otherwise supplied in dry charged condition to enable commissioning charge at the user’s end leading to savings on charging cost at the customer’s premises.

The product is also designed for long & trouble-free service life. The robust design ensures that the battery performs well continuously on demanding cycling applications.

Salient Features
• Tubular positive plates consisting of LM alloy grids and properly balanced active material.
• Thick negative plates with special formation for deep cycle application.
• Imported high quality polyethylene separators.
• Assured high efficiency as well as long and dependable service life.
• Guaranteed performance and proven reliability.
• Heat sealed batteries with leak proof construction guarantees operator safety.
• QA ensured by predefined statistical quality control methods at every stages of manufacturing.
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